R2 Data Vision Inc. was founded in 2010 by Mr. Ravi Rali, on the mission to deliver the best data management solutions to our clients. We have been playing advisory role to many of our clients in understanding the key pain points, providing the creative solutions, cost benefit analysis, short-term and long-term options, technical designs and partnering in development, QA and maintenance efforts.

As part of our experience we have developed some accelerators which quickly enhance the delivery and take the guess work out of many aspects of the delivery lifecycle and provide transaparency to the operations. ediXor is one of our proprietary products that provides a single platform for harvesting the data assets of the companies like data models database schemas, systems inventories, project documents and many forms of metadata and provides meta intellgence by Linkage across these assets and information governance capabilities. ediXor has saved millions of dollars to our clients in large enterprise initiatives like builing Enterprise API Platforms or Common Information Layers.