Bargain Marketplace

The marketplace where buyers demand the price.
Your price rules
Name choices:  airket
To create an online Platform which serves as market place for retail products
Core Function:
     Searches a Product and existing price range (uses BarCodes, QRCodes, Shows analytics – price range, product reviews, versions, up-sell, cross-sell options )
Places a price for that product and sets a time limit (min/default 1 hour, max 3 days) until which that bid is active
This price includes taxes and basic shipping
The buyer can revise the bid max 3 times
The buyer can cancel the bid within the set time limit
**1 A Push Notification is sent for every bid to all the sellers selling that Product and Product Catgeory
    Features :
          Dashboard of current and past bids and transactions
          Top 10 Products in any given Product Category
          Top Brands of any given Product Category
          Sales Trends of any specific product
          Sales Trends of Top 10 Products in a Product Category
Receives notifications from for their Products (invoice showing bid price, asking price, inventory, their cost and Margin)
Seller can accept or ignore the bid within the time limit
 **2 A Push Notification to Buyer
     Features :
          Easy to upload Products and their details
          Ability to enter Cost, MSRP, 2 steps of Price Limits
          Dashboard showing current bids and past trasactions
              Metrics:      Success rate, Daily Margin, MTD Margin , YTD Margin
Market Platform
     Rules and execution engine –
**1 – on all bids to the applicable sellers
**2 – on all seller accepts to the buyers
**3 – once the time limit is reached, the transaction for the lowest seller accept price is executed
    Capture every event of Buyer – used for build the Buyer behavior
    Capture every event of Seller – used for build the Seller behavior
    Ability to build story line from Bid-to-Sale process of each sale
     Inventories or search capability of products and product categories
     Signs up the Sellers and connects to their product inventory, hierarchies
     Setups Customer Service (BPO)
     Defines clear policies around – Customer Service, Returns, Satisfaction, Shipping, Communications
     Integrates with Payment Gateways – PayPal, ApplePay, GoogleWallet, Bank Check or Credit Card
Product price change graph showing High Low Average price of a given product over its life period.
Trends in selected Product Catgeory.