Benefits of ediXor


Tangible Benefits
An average enterprise small project spends 4/6 months for the requirements analysis which would be around 20-25 FTE months. With ediXor they can jumpstart the requirements phase since they already have enterprise model that they can map to, which can take only 3-4 FTE months. This is a 75-85% reduction in their project cost in the requirements phase. Added benefit is that since these mappings can be stored in ediXor as operational metadata, the next project involving the mapping of similar requirements would be much less. The same example in terms dollar values would be around $300,000 without ediXor and $40,000 with ediXor, considering a bill rate of $70 per hour per FTE. If ediXor is used across the enterprise of a medium scale company whose IT budget for the development projects is around $50 million the total cost savings would be more than $40 million.

Intangible Benefits
Currently most companies rely on the business and systems knowledge of the individual resources, and this result in huge hidden costs and risks and puts unreasonable dependencies on their employees and/or contractors. The key benefit of ediXor is that it captures and manages the business and systems knowledge from across projects and provides that knowledge readily available for the future projects. This will eliminate the dependency on individual resources. Over a period of time this amounts to a significant savings.
Other significant intangible benefits to the Customer organization are:

  • Business Agility
  • Quick adoption to changing requirements
  • Quick turn-around of projects
  • Reduce/better align costs of future projects
  • Low cost of projects
  • Low risk of implementation